Make your IT project successful is a custom software development company for startups and enterprises. Cooperation with us will be convenient and fast. We implement your IT projects, offer specialized resources for development, and also help with the maintenance of programs and systems.
This is what we do best

Backend development

Basically, we use Ruby on Rails, Go, Python.


We have numerous experience working with highload projects.

Backend optimization

Сode optimization is our passion.

Database experience

Postgres, Elasticsearch and much more.

Our services
We provide flexible terms of cooperation and a personal approach to each client.


We create complex software or solve an internal problem. We take full responsibility from design to final delivery of the product. Being in a constant dialogue with the customer allows us to find the most effective way to implement a specific project.


We analyse existing IT infrastructure, conduct code assessments, automate your development process, and create a new system architecture for a digital solution.


We offer a full range of testing services, including independent examination of product quality and conducting certain types of testing at all stages of development.


We maintain your already existing application or the one we’ve developed for you.

Clients we’ve worked with

Wallarm security platform automates application protection and security testing. Hundreds of customers already rely on Wallarm to secure websites, microservices and APIs running on private and public clouds.


They were faced with an unpleasant situation, because of the explosive growth of customer base and the amount of data that Wallarm cloud had to handle, the delay from where a potential attack was identified by the filtering node.

Solution improved the performance of the system by the factor of 16 by updating Elasticsearch from 1..6 to a newer 6.7 version and system architecture changes

More about this case here

Klara is а secure healthcare communication platform, revolutionizing healthcare communication for everyone involved in the patient's journey.


The client needed the service for performance testing due to expansion of the client base.

Solution developed flexible service for the performance tests including data obfuscation of personal data and integration into the pipeline.

Yandex is a Russian multinational company in the information technology industry. The client wanted to create a marketing project for traffic laws testing. We used solution and developed the service using Golang.

The result you can see here

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